Jan 18, 2014

Bali photo diary

IMG_0136-smallIMG_0190-smallIMG_0567-smallIMG_0220-smallIMG_0390-smallIMG_9785-smallIMG_0812-smallIMG_0768-smallIMG_9807-smallIMG_0271-smallIMG_0521-smallIMG_9775-smallIMG_0760-smallIMG_0693-smallbali duo 2bIMG_0209-smallIMG_9868-smallIMG_0306-smallIMG_0718-smallIMG_0847-smallIMG_0124-smallbali duo 4IMG_0715-smallIMG_0246-smallIMG_9710-smallIMG_9978-smallI know these Bali photos took me forever to get around to posting... I got back from an amazing trip recently—almost a month of living the way I would love to live forever: carefree and truly happy. My heart is yearning for Cali... second home to me since I was a kid. Thankfully I'm getting on a plane in two weeks.


  1. AMAZING photos, Bali is so beautiful !


  2. beautiful place to visit. I´m going to Bali next month and I hope to enjoy it just like you did :D