Feb 12, 2014

Leather skirt

Monki top, My Mum Made It skirt, Celine slip ons, Goyard bag

Been crazy busy gearing up for the next big thing in my life... college. Meanwhile, heading out to run errands (and eat sashimi) is made effortless with closet options like this leather skirt from MMMI... + slip ons and I'm good to go. Many thanks to the genius behind the minimalist label x

p/s: They're having a 15% off sale right now, wouldn't miss it if I were you...

Jan 18, 2014

Bali photo diary

IMG_0136-smallIMG_0190-smallIMG_0567-smallIMG_0220-smallIMG_0390-smallIMG_9785-smallIMG_0812-smallIMG_0768-smallIMG_9807-smallIMG_0271-smallIMG_0521-smallIMG_9775-smallIMG_0760-smallIMG_0693-smallbali duo 2bIMG_0209-smallIMG_9868-smallIMG_0306-smallIMG_0718-smallIMG_0847-smallIMG_0124-smallbali duo 4IMG_0715-smallIMG_0246-smallIMG_9710-smallIMG_9978-smallI know these Bali photos took me forever to get around to posting... I got back from an amazing trip recently—almost a month of living the way I would love to live forever: carefree and truly happy. My heart is yearning for Cali... second home to me since I was a kid. Thankfully I'm getting on a plane in two weeks.

Dec 15, 2013


Zara scarf 

What better way to emanate butterfly vibes than in this pseudo-Dries piece? I almost forgot I owned this gorgeous thing. Missing Bali and its beautiful ocean views already... thankfully I'll be out of here in a few days.

(photos shot by Kathleen Bei)

Dec 8, 2013

New hair

IMG_0925-smallgold hair swing IMG_0863-small gold hair 2 IMG_1005-small
My hair (no sorry, mane...) is incredibly hard to handle in this country's humidity. And then Backstage hair salon came to my rescue.

My locks underwent an Argan oil treatment to straighten the frizziness, as well as repair and nourish my dry, dull hair. Felt like my hair was completely weightless as soon as this bit was over. Had to check the mirror to make sure I still even had any hair left while secretly beaming inside over its airiness.

But why stop there? So I let Backstage pop my hair-dye cherry. There is no specific name for this distinct color yet so let's just say I am semi-strawberry blonde, semi-gold-chestnut-ash now, depending on the lighting. I feel like a new person, still doing double takes in the mirror sometimes... it's so novel to me.

I can't wait to think of what to do to my hair next. I bet you can't either. And since the season of endless parties is so close, Backstage has been so sweet to offer my readers 20% off all services* (with the exception of products/ Director services). Just like their Facebook page and quote my name pre-session and there you go. Happy holidays everyone.

*discount ends 31 Jan 2014

(photos shot by Kathleen Bei)

Nov 28, 2013

Double white

IMG_9600-smallIMG_9642-smallIMG_9591-smallIMG_9669-small IMG_9607-smallIMG_9586-small IMG_9648-small
Tout a Coup sweater, The Scarlet Room skirt, Alexander Wang wallet, H&M rings, Zara shoes

The Scarlet Room sent me a few pieces a while ago, and this is me finally utilising this cute miniskirt. Flying to tropical paradise in less than a day. Excitement!!!

(photos by Gerald Tan)